Alumnai Association

Alumnai Association:

The alumni association has been constituted in 2009-2010. The association had always been at the forefront in various activities events organized by institution.

Institute has registered alumni association to create and maintain a lifelong connection between the institute and its alumni. The association is registered with name “SCIENCE SENIOR COLLEGE, ALUMNI ASSOCIATION SHAHADA TAL SHAHADA DIST NANDURBAR” having Registration number is MAHA/62/2019/NDB on dated 29/03/2019.

Sr. No Course Name Coordinator’s
1 Mr. Sumit Rajendra Bhavsar Chairman
2 Mr. Anil Rangrao Patil Secretary
3 Mr. Prashant Laxman Patil Member
4 Smt. Rajashri Jayram Valvi Member
5 Mr. Nilesh Dilip Chavan Member
6 Mr. Bhupendra K Kumbhar Member
7 Smt. Mayuri Vilas Patil Member

Alumni participate in the annual alumni meet on invitation. The meeting of alumni association is call once in year. In various issues for overall improvements are discussed. Some alumni guided to fresher and participate in different activities in college. Alumni take free hand to initiate any quality enhancing activity through the faculty and administration.