Department of Computer Science

Name of the chairperson (HOD): Asst. Prof. Asha R. Patil

Faculty of the Department:

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Anil R. Patil Asst. Prof.
2 Dipak S. Patil Asst. Prof.
3 Sonali M. Patil Asst. Prof.
4 Gayatri P. Patil Asst. Prof.
5 Pravin R. Patil Asst. Prof.
6 Mayuri V. Patil Asst. Prof.
7 Harsha D. Bhavsar Asst. Prof.

Brief History of Department:

Establishment in 2001, computer science department under S.T. Co-op education Society’s Ltd, Science senior college, Shahada. The department has 8 faculty member and UG and PG course run successfully. The department has run UG course from 2001 to 2018 successfully. From year 2014 department enhance through start up of PG course. The department run UG & PG course with 3 laboratory and it is well furnished. The department organize seminar and workshop for student development internally as well as externally. The department has “Techno-world club” forum for giving best platform for student development in computer field. The department has got state level first prize in UG 2016 in AIM’s competition at Chalisgaon and second rank in PG level category. Department organize workshop for student like software skill development, 3D printing workshop. Department organize seminar for carrier guidance seminar. Department has conduct computer literacy programme in slum area for computer awareness.

Courses Offered:

Courses Duration Eligibility criteria
B.Sc. Computer 3 Year 12th science(H.S.C) Pass
M.Sc. Computer Science 2 Years B.Sc. Computer

Topper students:

i) B.Sc Computer Science

Year Student Name Rank CGPA
2013-2014 Ku. Jyoti R. Lohar 1st Rank -
2013-2014 Ku. Yogeshwari S. Patil 2nd Rank -
2013-2014 Ku. Kavita C. Patil 3rd Rank -
2014-2015 Ku. Vinita M. Aloni 1st Rank 9.20
2014-2015 Ku. Pooja S. Chaudhari 2nd Rank 8.10
2014-2015 Ku. Suvarnmala Mali 3rd Rank 7.80
2015-2016 Ku. Harshada R. Bachhav 1st Rank 8.30
2015-2016 Ku. Poonam S. Gavale 2nd Rank 8.20
2015-2016 Ku. Diplai K. Wani 3rd Rank 8.05
2016-2017 Ku. Komal S. Patil 1st Rank -
2016-2017 Ku. Bhavana J. Patil 2nd Rank -
2016-2017 Ku. Namrata R. Bagal 3rd Rank -
2017-2018 Ku. Aarva A. Bohari 1st Rank -
2017-2018 Ku. Poonam P. Joshi 2nd Rank -
2017-2018 Ku. Rajshri S. Ingale 3rd Rank -
1st Rank -
2nd Rank -
3rd Rank -

ii) M.Sc. Computer Science

Year Student Name Rank CGPA
2016-2017 Ku. Kinjal P. Patil 1st Rank -
2016-2017 Ku. Sujata V. Patil 2nd Rank -
2016-2017 Ku. Jayshri B. Patil 3rd Rank -
2017-2018 Ku. Vinita M. Aloni 1st Rank -
2017-2018 Ku. Sapna V. Jain 2nd Rank -
2017-2018 Ku. Harshal P. Mahajan 3rd Rank -
2018-2019 1st Rank -
2018-2019 2nd Rank -
2018-2019 3rd Rank -

Departmental research activity:

Teacher and student actively participated in Jr. research program “Avishkar” conducted by university. This program is conducted in district and university level for motivation of students.

Status of the Department:

Department provide carrier development and skill development platform through “Techno World” club. Different activity run for student enhancement by seminar, group discussion, poster presentation.

Name of departmental courses:

1. Value added courses:

i) Basic introduction to computer program language

ii) Microsoft excel and PowerPoint

iii) Microsoft PowerPoint

2. Add-on course:

i) Basic of computer and web design

ii) Web design

iii) MS-Office

iv) Photoshop

v) Computer Hardware and Network

3. Certificate course:

i) Basic introduction to web design

ii) Computer Fundamental

Nominated Students:

Year Student Name Rank
2015-2016 Ku. Vinita M. Aloni B.Sc. Computer Science University 2nd Rank
2016-2017 Kumar Prakash A. Chavan State Level (UG Category)AIMS Quiz Competition 1st Rank
2016-2017 Ku. Vinita M. Aloni State Level (PG Category)AIMS Quiz Competition 2nd Rank
2017-2018 Ku. Vinita M. Aloni M.Sc. Computer Science University 2nd Rank

Any other information:

a) Infrastructural facilities available:

In department well equipped. Three laboratories are developed for UG student. Two well furnished labs are available for PG students. One lab is available with internet facility. In department individual PC and chairs for students during practical.

Major Equipment/Instrument:

- IBM Server

Laboratory Instrument list:

- 92 Computer

- 4 Stabilizer

- 3 Inverter

- 5 Battery

- 100 chair

- 8 Projector

Sub Department Name:


Head of the Department: Asst. Prof. Harsha S. Patel

Faculty’s Name: Asst. Prof. Yugandhara D. Patil

Courses Conducted by Department:

Add-on Course: Statistical Tools

Sub Department Name:


Head of the Department: Asst. Prof. Anil R. Jagdale

Faculty’s Name: Dr. Ulhas S. Sonawane

Courses Conducted by Department:

Add-on Courses:

- Instrument Handling

- Designing and construction of element circuits

- Soldering technique and PCB making

Sub Department Name:


Head of the Department: Asst. Prof. Bhushan P. Nikam

Faculty’s Name: Asst. Prof. Umesh D. Patil

Courses Conducted by Department:

Value Added Course:

- Competitive Skill

- Stress Management